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Mitochondria perform diverse, yet interconnected cellular functions and are dynamically regulated by complex signaling pathways.  Interest in this fascinating organelle has recently undergone a renaissance due to a series of discoveries revealing that mitochondrial function goes beyond the generation of molecular fuel. Mitochondria also play a central role in thermogenesis and cell death and influence an organism’s physiology, as well as its pathology.  The driving forces behind these discoveries have been in the development of animal models, systems-based approaches, and dynamic imaging techniques and are critical in unravelling the significance and complexity of mitochondrial behavior.

This symposium will capitalize on the growing excitement on the diversity of mitochondrial function and regulation. It will uniquely bring together world-class leaders spanning the many frontiers of mitochondrial research, including their dynamics, roles in signaling, contributions to physiology and disease, quality control and degradation (mitophagy), and regulated metabolic and bioenergetic functions. With this range of topics, which examines mitochondria from a cell biology, mechanistic, and disease perspective, we aim to facilitate a wide-ranging discussion of emerging themes in mitochondrial biology.

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