Keynote Speaker

Reuben Shaw, Salk Institute, USA

Reuben Shaw

Reuben Shaw is a full professor in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Laboratory at the Salk Institute. Dr. Shaw’s lab focuses on the AMPK signaling pathway, which coordinates metabolism and growth at the cellular and organismal levels across eukaryotes. This pathway is inactivated in a number of human cancers and altered in metabolic diseases as well. Dr. Shaw grew up in upstate New York and did undergraduate studies at Cornell University, going on to do his Ph.D. at the M.I.T. Cancer Center working in the laboratory of Dr. Tyler Jacks. After that, he performed postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School with Dr. Lewis Cantley, where Dr. Shaw discovered an unexpected direct connection between cancer and metabolism. In his own lab at the Salk Institute since January 2006, Dr. Shaw’s lab has been using a combination of biochemistry, cell biology, and genetically engineered mouse models of cancer to dissect the role of the LKB1 – AMPK tumor suppressor pathway in coordinating metabolism, autophagy, and cell growth. Dr. Shaw was a V Foundation for Cancer Research Scholar, as well as receiving young investigator awards from both the American Cancer Society and the American Diabetes Association. In 2009 he was named a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Scientist. In 2014, he was named the Deputy Director of the NCI-funded Salk Institute Cancer Center.

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